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  • Demolition Man, oil on canvas, 36 x 42 inches, copyright ©2018

Demolition Man

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October 2018:  Nothing stands now on the empty space at 14th Ave and Spring Street in the Central District.  One hundred and nine years prior to February 2017, that corner was occupied by the impressive brick, steepled building which became the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church after the United Presbyterians left in 1952.  These changes reflect the many demographic shifts which have characterized the CD from its beginnings (Jewish) to Asian (until World War II uprooted its Japanese population) to its isolated condition (African American), the result of red-lined areas south of Madison Street as well as the intrusion of Interstate 5, to its present gentrifying condition in what has become a hot real estate market for Microsoft and Amazon employees (until what next? in the shifting sands of late stage capitalism . . .).  "Demolition Man” documents a chapter in this evolution.  Soon the inevitable high-priced condominiums will rise.


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